The Gathering Place Co-op

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that go into small scale farm production that are different than larger industrial production.

What is the Gathering Place Co-Op?

The Gathering Place Co-Op (TGPC) is nourishing the co-operative spirit of Albertans. We realized that farmers needed a better and more sustainable way to sell their products and bring local food directly to consumers and that we could do it if we worked together. The Gathering Place is where we come together as a community–connected by farm-fresh food. 

Look for our store front and restaurant on Highway 831 south of Long Lake.

Opening soon!

Where are our farmers located?

Currently, as we are forming our co-op, our producers come from Waskatenau, Colinton, Smith and Thorhild.

How is the beef produced?

Currently our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. What this means is that our cattle are not given any grain. Traditionally we work directly with our cattle a little bit longer and the costs of processing one animal at a time differ significantly from processing multiple animals in the industrial system. When you buy a pound of our beef it comes from the same animal.

How is the turkey produced?

All turkey used by TGPC is free range.  This means that our turkeys are raised in a peaceful farm setting spending much of their time growing outside and basking in the northern Alberta sunshine. They forage, run and play outdoors. They only eat hormone and antibiotic-free food. They are raised by a conscious small-time farmer.

How is the pork produced?

Our pork is raised the slow and natural way that remains soy and corn free. They are outside in an environment of mud, grass and freedom. They have a life that is very happy and they are not being force fed or laying on concrete. The processing costs are much higher.

Why support a co-op and why do the products cost just a little bit more?

Our co-op works with our local people and producers right here in the North. We strive to  pay the producers a fair market value for the cost of production and provide proper wages for the people living right here in Alberta. We created a space to have the tomato grower and the sauce maker work together and enhance our local food system right here in the north.  We are not like the grocery store, we are building a sustainable, long term food system here at home

Are all of the vegetables grown organically?

Organic practices mean that we plant, weed, water, and harvest by hand vs the industrially produced vegetables imported by the grocery stores. We pay humans for this effort and hope that we have a successful harvest. There are many elements that affect organic practices that are very different from automated indrustial production.

Are gluten friendly and allergy friendly options available?

Yes, please contact us with any requests.

Are ingredient lists and preparation instructions available?

Yes, all products will come labeled with ingredients and preparation instructions and we are continually updating our website.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our fundraiser! We hope you will consider becoming an ambassador for Northern Alberta products made with heart and hope! Our co-op is simply humans working with humans in a way that we all understand! Co-operation works! Sustainable and authentic!